The Quietus at The Amazing

March 06

There’s been quite a bit of chatter at Quietus Mansions about Scandinavian band names, and The Amazing are a band who probably wouldn’t want to sit in on those debates. Calling yourself The Amazing is really like handing a critic a box of rotten eggs and telling them to do their worst. They’ve weathered the storm a while now, though: possibly their connections to Dungen have earned them a Get Out Of Jail Card or two. It’s not earned them the audience that an amazing band might hope for, however. This is a shame: their three guitars give them an opportunity to allow songs to swell at a graceful pace, building up tension like stoners rolling one last joint for the road. It’s not about single songs, but the overall effect of their liquid, patient grace over time. So forget the name: it’s not so much less potent than Quicksilver Messenger Service, after all, to whom they owe a certain debt. And when they let the jams bubble and boil, fuelled by the fluid swing of a phenomenal drummer, you can’t help but think they’re not so far short of amazing after all.