The Quietus at Silvia Ddumba

March 07

Kudos to Ms Ddumba right from the off: she takes to the small Gamla stage flanked by four singers and yet, strangely humble, she still holds the spotlight. It’s probably her turn: she’s gone from singing in a Swedish choir to working with Katy Perry and quite clearly deserves attention of her own. Like Janelle Monae, she specialises in old school soul, but with a welcome gospel slant, a slice of fresh pop, and none of the retro-futurist schtick. And though she looks like she’s having the time of her life up there, her audience may be feeling it even more. It ain’t all happy happy joy joy, though: one song announces “you really fucked me up this time”. Still, after a panoply of serious minded guitar acts, slick electro pop and electronica, this otherwise feelgood vibe has only one downside: it fills one with such gusto that a late night party now seems inevitable. See you at the bar in a few minutes. I’ll be the one with a bloody great big grin.