The Quietus At… East India Youth

March 07

If there’s a problem with shall we say the art end of much contemporary British electronic music it’s that it tends to ignore passion in favour of politeness. Your likes of Disclosure and James Blake hardly write songs of the hard entangling love and lust now do they? This is what sets East India Youth, and especially his forthcoming XL album CULTURE OF VOLUME apart. This is heady, almost theatrical, flamboyant, part of a great continuum in English pop that runs from David Bowie through Pet Shop Boys and Suede. William Doyle doesn’t just nod away behind his laptop and racks of gear but, in a fetching and nicely cut  grey suit thrashes away on his bass and batters a pad with drumsticks. This alone would be enough to set him apart from most of his contemporaries, it is of course the songs that ought to make 2015 a massive year for him. Older tracks like Looking For Someone have been reworked into epic bangers. Beaming Light, a glowing two suns scifi  new one, simply doesn’t sound like much else around at the moment, at once heartbroken piece of fury and imperative to dance. Turn Away, meanwhile, has both merrily trilling digital pan pipes and a massive trancey build before the whole track explodes. It all finishes with Hinterland descending into noise, and a bearded man walks through the crowd, looking stunned.