The Quietus at GEoRGiA

March 06

London based Georgia Barnes cut her teeth drumming for Kate Tempest and Micachu and the Shapes, but her solo work is of a fiercely electronic variety. Her debut EP was recorded alone in her bedroom, but has been praised for its intricate production, and that same quality is evident on stage, where she’s joined for her first show outside London by a three piece band offering chunky beats, booming bass and a panoply of synth textures, from acid squelches to dreamy ambience via brief, ugly shards of mind-crushing noise. At times It’s easier to admire than to dance, but when she ramps up the volume and underlines her work’s nastiest elements, throwing herself round the stage like she’s fronting a metal act, it’s hard to resist the urge to imitate her. At her best, danger always seems to lie around the corner.