The Quietus At… Girl Band

March 06

Though it’s an age since we put up Girl Band’s inspired cover of techno producer Blawan’s banger Why They Hide The Bodies Under My Garage? on The Quietus, I’ve still yet to see the band live until tonight at a jammed negotiation skills required for entry Mono. Such is the time we live in, where a roughly recorded good idea can get ahead of things. In a way I’m actually quite pleased, as I’m sure that the Girl Band of now are a meaner and leaner proposition than they would have been then. All these weird elements com as a tag team to send you into the canal – the Jesus Lizard roar, early Sonic Youth but with a sense of humour, fat tongued slurred vocals, teetering on the verge of wacky but never falling in. Their first track sounds like moping and turkey hair era Radiohead being forced through a rusty mincer, and when they do that Blawan cover… Well yesterday m’colleague John Doran said that Girl Band had torn his anus his new anus – I know how he feels.